[e] Rewurk layan Paintball

Paintball? Lama aku tak main. Rewurk Project affiliate company, Secret Management hosting a Fun Paintball Tournament on 10 July 2010 held at Mudtrakker Paintball Park, Kuang Selangor. So, Rewurk Project menghantar team untuk support event tu. Tak de la mahal pun, just RM150 per head; 1 team ada 5 orang. All include tau; makan, minum, game, sijil, t-shirt, medal etc. Total 8 team yang participate. Quite cool after a very2 long time tak main. Out of 8 team, Rewurk Project dapat number 6 (hahaha..) Winner membawa balik 5 return flight tiket Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi. 1st runner-up pulak membawa balik flight voucher Air Asia & 2nd runner-up tiket masuk ke Taman Tema Sunway Lagoon. Kudos to all winers & a big congrats to Secret Management for this type of event & i’m looking forward for the next event.

As for me, it’s a very fun game & i’m really enjoy it. Let me share the moment of that event.

Team Rewurk

Safety Briefing

Winner Team


*photo courtesy of Barracuda Studio


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