[j] Pos Rekum – A Hard Core Mission

Last weekend (26 & 27 Mar 2011) My Landy Malaysia was invited to support a mission to Pos Rekum, Gua Musang, Kelantan sending ‘some’ food supplies. There’s 10 jalopy’s; 4 from My Landy Malaysia (MLM) & 6 from Offroadershack (ORS) were participating. We are rolling from KL on Friday nite and shoot the journey to Gua Musang through Karak Highway (on road). After a short break at Raub, we continue our journey and reach Gua Musang town at 0430hrs on Saturday morning. We had a quick sleep, gear up and having our breakfast at nearby warung and then continue our mission.

We managed to deliver the whole supplies to 5 orang asli villagers (Pos Penat, Pos Jadir Baru, Pos Rekum, Pos Dangdut & Pos (i can’t remamber). After the mission accomplish, all Landy boys rolls out from the convoy and continue our journey back to KL at 1600hrs on Sunday while the others heading to waterfall to brush their teeth (i think :D).

As for rewurk, this is the hard core route ever experience. A big KUDOS to the whole convoy for the succeed of this mission.  There’s some pictures taken by BlackBerry 9700 because Nikon D7000 was covering another event outside Malaysia. Sorry for the bad quality of the pics.

*Some of the pics & video are inside Rambo i-Phone. We will publish it ASAP.

*all pics are taken by BlackBerry 9700

Rewurk Project ® All Right Reserved 2011


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